The lawyer Rajeev Dhavan, who represented the Muslim parties, was fired from the Babri case

NEW DELHI: The lawyer who represented the Muslim parties on Tuesday said he was fired from the case.

I have just been fired from the Babri case by lawyer Ejaz Maqbool representing Jamiat. I sent a formal letter accepting the 'dismissal' without objections. I was informed that Mr. Madani indicated that I had been withdrawn from the case because I was not well. This makes no sense, Dhawan said in a Facebook post.

Dhawan also said he is no longer involved with the petition for review filed in the Supreme Court by Muslim bodies.

In explaining the reason for his expulsion from the case, Dhavan said: I have been informed that Mr. Madani has indicated that I was expelled from the case because I was not well.

He has referred to Madani's reason as total nonsense. You have the right to order your lawyer Maqbool to fire me, what you did following the instructions. But the reason why it is made public is malicious and false, Dhavan said in the second post on social media. platform.

Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind filed a petition for review in the Supreme Court on Monday against his verdict in the case of Ram Janmbhoomi-Babri Masjid's title dispute.

Dhavan had vehemently argued the case on the Muslim side before a bank of five judges headed by the then president of the court, Ranjan Gogoi. He had argued for more than two weeks in the 40-day hearing of the matter.

The decision to dismiss Dhawan came a few weeks after the Supreme Court ruling in the case of land dispute where the disputed lands were allocated for the construction of a temple and five acres of land were given at an alternative site. to the construction of a mosque.