The chief of defense personnel will be subject to the RTI Law; NSA-led panel presents report

NEW DELHI: A one-level committee headed by NSA Ajit Doval a finalize responsibilities and the appropriate framework for the proposal chief from defending personal (CDS) has submitted its report a government.

Es probable que he gobierno haga un anuncio dentro from las próximas dos semanas. a nombrar al CDS que será he asesor militar from un solo pun a a El gobierno, como lo sugirió he Comité from Revisión from Kargil en 1999, dijeron las fuentes.

Minister from State for Defending said in the Rajya Sabha that the CDS come below he ambi a from the right a information Ac a .

In a landmark military reform, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 15 announced that India will have he CDS as head from The tri-services

Días después del anuncio del primer ministro, se nombró un Comité from Implementación encabezado por he Asesor from Seguridad Nacional Doval a finalizar un marco habilitador y determinar las responsabilidades ex ac a as para he CDS.

This committee has presented its report Naik said while answering a a pregunta en Rajya Sabha.

He said the committee was constituted. a determinar y finalizar las responsabilidades ex ac a as, y sugerir un marco habilitador para he CDS además from a dos los demás asun a s involucrados.

Fuentes from iciales dijeron que he Ejérci a , la Armada y la Fuerza Aérea India ya han recomendado a he defending nombres from ministerio from their senior-most commanders for he a p position

Fuentes del gobierno dijeron que he Ejérci a Chief Gen. remains a front-runner for he post.

Gen. Rawat is due for retirement on December 31 and a p government sources said, if everything goes according a plan, then he government would name him as he country's first CDS before he hangs up his boots.

The sources said he CDS will be a four-star general and will be he first among equals among he service chief s. However, in he list from pro a col, he CDS will be higher up than he service chief s.

The main task from he CDS will be a ensure jointmanship among he three services which will include powers a work on the configuration from pocos comandos from teatro, así como a allocate military assets among he services a Synergize your operations.

At present, he three services coordinate their work below he framework from he Defending Personal (IDS) Sin embargo, después from la cita. from he CDS, he IDS would be subsumed in a he new structure.

The CDS too ac a como asesor militar from un solo pun a a he prime minister and defending key minister defending and strategic issues.

Se creó un comité from al a nivel. a examine he gaps in he country's security system in he wake from he in 1999 had called for appointment from a Chief from Defending Personal como asesor militar from un solo pun a a he Defending Minister.

A group from ministers analysing required reforms in he national security system had also favoured appointing a Chief from Defending Personal .

In 2012, he Naresh Chandra Task force had recommended creating he post from a permanent chairman from he Chief s from Personal Committee.