Fadnavis garbage claim that CM was appointed to transfer funds to Delhi

MUMBAI: A new political dispute broke out on Monday when BJP hastened to dismiss a claim made by its own parliamentarian and former Union minister, Anantkumar Hegde, which became CM for 80 hours despite the lack of a majority just to protect Rs 40,000 million rupees of central funds of Misuse by a government of Congress Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress.

Even when the opposition broke out, Fadnavis and BJP stopped the controversial MP. A senior member of BJP in Delhi described the comments as unnecessary and added that Hegde will be transmitted the disgust of leadership. Fadnavis, now opposition leader, described his party colleague's statements as absurd and 100% unfounded.

Hegde had said at a meeting in the district: It was planned completely before. Once we learned (about three parties that make up the government) it was decided that a drama would be performed.

Adjustments were made and an oath was taken, and in 15 hours Fadnavis systematically ensured that (the money) got to where he had to do it and protected him. ” Sena's deputy, Sanjay Raut, called it treason and treason with Maharashtra, and Nawab Malik of NCP said that it was believed that Hegde will have serious consequences and will result in the resignation of Prime Minister Modi.