He said 'no' to Modi, he brought together Sonia and Uddhav: Sharad Pawar

MUMBAI: Reflecting on the controversies surrounding the formation of the government in Maharashtra, head of the PNC Sharad pawar He said Monday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had expressed his desire to work together, but that he had rejected the offer.

Pawar said he met with the prime minister on November 20 to discuss the agricultural crisis in the state. I attended the appointment of the Prime Minister on November 20. I assumed the cause of the farmers affected by non-seasonal rains ... after our discussion ended, he called to tell me I will be happy if we work together. I rejected the offer, saying our personal relationships are excellent and in the future they will be too, but politically it is not convenient for me, Pawar added.

In an interview with the Marathi ABP Majha channel, Pawar spoke about conversations with Shiv Sena and Congress to forge a coalition, the banner of revolt raised by nephew Ajit Pawar and his conversations with Uddhav Thackeray to convince him to accept the CM post.

Pawar's meeting with Modi had taken place at a time when negotiations to form a government that did not belong to the BJP were apparently in the final stages. His meeting with the prime minister generated speculation that he would change sides, especially since he had offered support to BJP in 2014 to form a government in Maharashtra. Some congressmen had expressed their dissatisfaction with their meeting with Modi.

Speaking about the offer of support during the night of his nephew to the band of MLA BJP directed by Devendra Fadnavis, he said he had taken it by surprise. Pawar said he was stunned and surprised to hear the news of a senior member of the PNC on November 23. “Ajit had told me that Fadnavis had expressed his desire to speak with him, and I allowed him to meet Fadnavis. Then Fadnavis made him an offer to form the government with NCP. And Ajit, who had the signatures of all legislators, agreed on the condition that a government be formed immediately without delay, ”he added.

Subsequently, he said, Ajit recanted and expressed remorse, saying he was prepared to face any punishment in the interest of the party.

On Thackeray's reluctance to assume the position of CM, he said that the head of Sena made it clear from the beginning that he was not interested in becoming CM. He was not interested ... despite the fact that Balasaheb Thackeray firmly wanted a Sena activist to become a CM. I convinced Uddhav that it would be a stable government only if it became a CM. Finally, he accepted, ”said Pawar.

Pawar said it would be a mistake to say that he would control the government from a distance. “Uddhav will head the government, it comes with the rich experience of BMC. I am sure it will not interfere in the daily affairs of the government, ”he said. He also said that it took him a long time to convince Sonia Gandhi about the need to join Sena to keep BJP out of office. I told him that Bal Thackeray had supported Indira Gandhi during the emergency and in several surveys in the state, he said.