Prince Andrew's accuser asks for support from the UK public

LONDON: Prince Andrew suffered a new scrutiny on Monday night when the woman who says he was a victim of trafficking caused him to have sex with him when he was 17 asked the British public to support his search for justice.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre told BBC Panorama that people should not accept that this is fine.

Giuffre's first television interview in the United Kingdom on the subject describes how she says she was trafficked by the famous Jeffrey Epstein from 2001 and was ordered to have sex with Andrew three times, even once in London .

This is not a sordid sex story. This is a story about human trafficking, this is a story of abuse and this is the story of their boys' royalty, Giuffre tells the program.

Andrew, 59, has categorically denied having had sex with Giuffre and apologized for his association with Epstein, who died in prison in August in what authorities said was suicide.

The disgraced prince has renounced his royal duties in the foreseeable future due to his friendship with Epstein and accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior with a minor girl. He says he is willing to cooperate with appropriate police investigations if necessary. .

The scandal is one of the worst that has taken over the royal house in recent decades and has severely tarnished the reputation of Andrew, one of the four children of Queen Elizabeth II.

US law enforcement agencies have not publicly commented on whether their actions are being investigated. British police investigated Giuffre's claim, made in 2015, that she was trafficked to England to have sex with Andrew, but did not initiate a large-scale investigation.

Andrew tried to contain the damage by giving a televised interview on the subject in November, but failed because he expressed no concern for Epstein's victims and because he defended his friendship with Epstein as honorable.

The televised documentary on Monday night painted a detailed portrait of how Epstein abused dozens of young women in his luxury properties in the Caribbean and New York and quoted Giuffre's account that he was ordered to have sex with Andrew in three occasions.

Giuffre, now 35, described how she says she was recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell to give Epstein massages when she was working as a locker room attendant at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, FL. and later taken to London to meet Andrew.

Maxwell has denied acting badly.

Breaking down in tears, Giuffre described the humiliating aftermath of being made to have sex with Andrew at a townhouse in London after a night out at the exclusive Tramp nightclub. She said she was told to dance with him by Maxwell, Epstein's girlfriend at the time.

It was horrible and this guy was sweating on me, he said. His sweat was as if it rained basically everywhere, it was disgusted, but I knew I had to keep him happy because that's what Jeffrey and Ghislaine (Maxwell) would have expected of me.

He said Maxwell told him he would have to do for Andrew what he had done for Epstein, which means he would have to have sex with the prince.

That made me sick, Giuffre said.

There was a bath, he said. It started there, then went to the room. It did not take long, the whole procedure. That was disgusting. ''

She said: She got up and said 'Thank you'. I sat on the bed, horrified, embarrassed and dirty.

Giuffre said she felt trapped: It was an evil moment in my life. It was a really scary moment in my life. A member of the royal family had mistreated me ... Yes, I had no chains, but these powerful people were my chains. ''

He admitted that his memory was cloudy at that time and that he could have some wrong dates and places, but insisted that he was sure of the key facts.

In his recent interview, Andrew said he had never met Giuffre. He said he had a medical condition that prevented him from sweating.

Epstein was a wealthy financier with many powerful friends. He was in prison on charges of sex trafficking when he died.