The interruption of the payday affects the application of HDFC Bank, Internet banking

Mayur Shetty | TNN

Mumbai HDFC Bank Net banking and mobile banking services fell for many clients during much of Monday. With digital banking services out there payday , several clients could not make scheduled funds transfers.

The bank that responded to customer complaints attributed it to a technical flaw and said that some clients have had trouble logging into the net banking and mobile application. Our experts are working on it with priority, and we are confident that we can restore services soon, the statement said. Monday's interruption reminded customers of the almost-week problems they faced in November last year when the bank launched a new version of its mobile application. Problems with him application He took all customers to netbanking, which also stagnated due to heavy traffic. Bank sources said the launch of a concerted campaign to boost online transactions through discount offers for the use of bank debit cards had also resulted in an increase in transactions.

On Monday, many customers turned to social networks to express their complaints. Customers complained about their inability to make crucial payments that were scheduled to follow their salary dates. HDFC Bank is the largest private lender with over 49 million customers. According to the bank, of its total transactions, 92% take place over the internet and mobile with branches, ATMs and phone banking accounting for the remaining 4%, 3% and 1% respectively. Ten years ago ATMs were the primary channel for bank, accounting for 40% of transactions followed by internet and mobile at 29% and branches and phone banking accounting for the rest. HDFC Bank has 2.95 crore debit card holders who on an average transact 5.1 crore times using the card for shopping. Customers speculated that the bank’s move to upgrade to the new version of the web and mobile application lication had resulted in servers being down. The lender has come out with a new version of its mobile banking application but continues to allow transactions in the earlier one.