Woman stranded for 12 nights inside Australia

DARWIN: A woman who was stranded in the arid Australian almost two weeks ago was rescued, and on Monday she continued the search for her two friends. McBeath-Riley, 52, was being treated for dehydration and exposure after she was found Sunday, said police superintendent Pauline Vicary.

The three went out to drive in the afternoon on November 19, but their car got stuck in a river bed. McBeath-Riley found water just over 1 km north of the car. It seems she stayed where the water was and that was what kept it going, Vicary said.

McBeath-Riley said her friends, Claire Hockridge (46) and Phu Tran (40) began walking 20 km to a road on Thursday, planning to avoid the heat of the desert, which approached 40 ° C in recent days, walking at night and carrying 7 liters of water.

McBeath-Riley said he decided to stay in the waterhole with her. dog because I didn't think a highway ride would survive