Namah will air on December 20

The TV show 'Namah' is ready to say goodbye to viewers in three weeks. The show was renovated in October, when Tarun Khanna He replaced Vikkas Manaktala. The name was also changed from Namah to 'Namah - Lakshmi Narayana'. In addition, Chhavi Pandep was replaced by Rachna Parulkar in the program. They changed the story and the focus was more on Lord Vishnu in the renewed version. Previously it was more about the friendship of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. But the public could not connect with the show.

Producer Ved Raj told BT: “Yes, the show will end on December 20. Namah was scheduled to be an hour-long weekend show and was written in that format. Then, 12 days before the transmission, the decision was made to convert it into a program from Monday to Friday. I feel that the afternoon schedule did not work for the show. Although we try to modernize It didn't help to get more eyeballs for the show. But I am happy to have done my best and to have done everything possible to make it work. It was a big budget show, so we had to think hard before bringing new plots. It was not a regular fiction program.