The Pakistani government forms a panel to draft a new law on the re-election of the army chief

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan A committee of three key ministers was formed on Monday to draft new legislation on the extension or re-election of the tenure of an army chief, according to a media report, days after the superior court granted a conditional extension of six months to the holder. general

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, defense minister and planning minister of Asad Omar are part of the committee, The Express Tribune reported. The committee was created after the Supreme Court gave the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan six months to legislate and eliminate gaps in the re-election or extension of the tenure of an army chief, allowing the holder, General Bajwa, to remain as chief of army personnel (COAS) until a new law determines their terms of service.

The members of the committee will also debate on the new legislation with the opposition parties in Parliament, the report said. The Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf government, which faced some anxious moment in the court on the issue during the hearing last week, is hopeful that the requisite law will be drafted within six months, the report said.