Visits of the US Navy to Hong Kong suspended by China

HONG KONG: China said on Monday that it will suspend US Navy visits to Hong Kong and sanction several US organizations in favor of democracy in retaliation for the signing of a law that supports human rights in semi-autonomous territory.

While the nature of the sanctions remained unclear, the move appeared to back up Chinese threats that the US would bear the costs of the decision. The steps are “in response to the US’s unreasonable behavior,” foreign ministry spokeswoman said, adding that the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act “seriously interfered” in China’s internal affairs.

“China urges the US to correct its mistakes and stop any words and deeds that interfere in Hong Kong and China’s internal affairs,” she said at a daily briefing in Beijing. The law, signed last Wednesday by President Donald Trump , mandates sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials who carry out human rights abuses and requires an annual review of the favorable trade status that Washington grants Hong Kong. TO