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Here are the The latest coverage plans, featured news and promotional content. All the time EST. For updated information on AP coverage, visit the Coverage Plan at https://newsroom.ap.org. ------------------ ONLY IN AP ------------------- THE CLAIM OF CLAIMS OF CLAIMS: a wave of new laws in 15 states that allow people to file claims of sexual abuse dating back decades could bring a flood of lawsuits against the Roman Catholic Church that threaten to overcome anything seen so far in his clergy abuse crisis. Associated Press reports found that it could result in at least 5,000 new cases against the church and more than $ 4 billion in payments. Lawyers are fighting for clients in television ads that ask: Were they mistreated by the church? And more dioceses are considering filing bankruptcy, cutting programs and even taking advantage of real estate to stay afloat. By Bernard Condon and Jim Mustian. ISSUED: , 600 words, photos, graphic, abbreviated version of 950 words. With THE RECKONING-LAWSUIT DELUGE-GLANCE; THE RECOGNITION-DEMAND OF THE GAME DEMAND (both sent). ------------------ TOP STORIES ------------------ TRUMPET ACKNOWLEDGMENT - The House fully accuses the type of partisan dismissal of President Trump that the Democrats once hoped to avoid. Instead of influencing the Republicans, as he once imagined, the weeks-long investigation into Trump's handling of Ukraine seems to have hardened the partisan division in Congress. As the Judicial Committee begins political trial hearings this week before a possible political vote for Christmas, both parties will dispute public opinion. By Lisa Mascaro. SUBMITTED: 940 words, photos. NEXT: New approach at 4 p.m. TRUMP - Crying over time, President Trump accuses the Democrats of scheduling this week's political trial hearing to weaken him during his trip to a NATO summit that takes place at a crucial time for the 70-year military alliance. When he leaves for London, Trump calls the trip one of the most important trips we make as president and says the Democrats have known about the summit for a year. By Aamer Madhani SUBMITTED: 130 words, photos. BATTLE MEXICO-COAHULLA - The number of people killed by a gunfight during a weekend between Mexican security forces and members of the drug cartel increases to 22. The local governor says that armed men in a truck convoy raided the city of 3,000 residents near the Texas border, opening fire on the city. room in a one hour attack. By Maria Verza SENT: 560 words, photos. NEXT: New approach of 700 words, pictures, at 4 p.m. CLIMATE TALKS - UN Secretary General António Guterres urged countries not to give up in the fight against climate change, as representatives from almost 200 countries met in Madrid for a two-week meeting on how to address global warming. By Aritz Parra and Frank Jordans. SUBMITTED: 700 words, photos. With CLIMATE-TALKS-THE LATEST (sent) SCI-CLIMATE-CHINA-COAL - While world leaders meet in Madrid to discuss how to stop global warming, the focus is on China, the main emitter of greenhouse gases. China burns about half of the coal used worldwide each year. Between 2000 and 2018, its annual carbon emissions almost tripled. Now it represents 30% of the world total. However, it is also the leading market for solar panels, wind turbines and electric vehicles, and manufactures the majority of solar cells installed worldwide. By the scientific writer Christina Larson. SUBMITTED: 1,590 words, photos. This is the Tuesday Spotlight. ----------------------------------------- WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT ----------------------------------------- RUSSIA-PERMAFROST DOG - Russian scientists showed a prehistoric puppy that is believed to be 18,000 years old found in permafrost in the Far East of the country. SUBMITTED: 420 words, photos. BRITTANY-EPSTEIN - Prince Andrew's accuser asks the United Kingdom public for help. SUBMITTED: 380 words, photos. WORD OF THE YEAR-DICTIONARY - Dictionary.com chooses 'existential' as the word of the year. SUBMITTED: 520 words, photo. CHRISTMAS OF THE WHITE HOUSE: Patriotism is the theme of Christmas at the White House. SUBMITTED: 520 words, photos. AMAZON-AUSCHWITZ GOODS — Amazon pulls Auschwitz's Christmas decorations after a protest. SUBMITTED: 220 words, photo. ---------------------------------- WASHINGTON/POLICY ---------------------------------- SUPREME COURT GUNS - The Supreme Court considers whether to rule out the first case of gun rights he has heard in almost 10 years, a result that would be a great relief for arms control advocates. By Mark Sherman SUBMITTED: 870 words, photo. 2020-BULLOCK ELECTION — Montana Governor Steve Bullock ends his Democratic presidential campaign, becoming the third Western governor with executive experience and an external call to Washington to burn in the contest. SUBMITTED: 630 words, photo. ELECTION 2020-BOOKER-SOUTH CAROLINA - In South Carolina, Democratic presidential contender Cory Booker highlights the concerns of black men, some of whom say they have been overlooked by focusing on the electoral impact of black women state. By Meg Kinnard SUBMITTED: 130 words. COMING SOON: 600 words by 4 p.m., photos. SENADO-GEORGIA - An Associated Press source says that the governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, chose a Republican donor and a Georgia financial services executive as his appointment to the United States Senate. The source, a Republican Party political consultant, says Kelly Loeffler is Kemp's choice to replace three-period Republican Senator Johnny Isakson, who will resign due to health problems. SUBMITTED: 340 words, photo. ----------------------- INTERNATIONAL ----------------------- BRITAIN-LONDON ATTACK: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the main opposition leader of the Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, paused to honor the two people killed in the London Bridge attack, and then blamed them again for the security failures that allowed a man who had been imprisoned for terrorist crimes are going to rampage violently in the heart of London. SUBMITTED: 1,080 words, photos. NATO - NATO leaders will meet in London as the world's largest military alliance, on its 70th birthday, battles with one of the most confusing adversaries: himself. While thousands of troops are preparing along the eastern flank of Europe to deter Russia, the reason why the transatlantic alliance was founded in 1949, or to help maintain peace in places like Afghanistan and Kosovo, the leaders of the countries with the largest NATO armies are wildly taking the boat. shots at each other. SUBMITTED: 800 words, photos. With NATO defense spending: despite the pleas to set aside disputes over military spending so that the issue does not dominate a third consecutive NATO summit, it is almost certain that the United States will demand again this week that its 28 NATO partners respect their promises to boost defense budgets. SUBMITTED: 500 words, photos. HONG KONG PROTESTS - China says it will suspend visits of US military ships and planes to Hong Kong and sanction several pro-democratic and human rights groups in retaliation for signing a law that supports anti-government protests in the semi-autonomous territory. By Ken Moritsugu SUBMITTED: 830 words, photos. RELIGIOUS COURTS OF LEBANON - The wave of Lebanese anti-government protests has given a new platform for women fighting religious laws. Under the sectarian system of Lebanon, sects have the power to establish the rules for marriage, divorce and child custody for their communities. Supporters of the system say it reflects the plurality of beliefs in the country. Critics say it discriminates against women of all religions and means that women are treated differently based on their sect. SUBMITTED: 1,460 words, photos. SYRIA - An alleged Syrian government air raid on a market in a city controlled by the northwest rebels killed 13 civilians, while Turkish artillery shells landed near a school in a Kurdish-controlled city, killing at least nine, including eight children, activists said. Violence is part of the growing tension in northern Syria, along the border with Turkey. SUBMITTED: 580 words, photos. ---------------- NATIONAL ---------------- WINTRY-WEATHER: a final blow of a seemingly endless winter storm that affected most of the country during the long holiday weekend is affecting the East, throwing heavy snowfall, closing schools and impeding travel in the region. The storm could take 10 to 20 inches in total on Tuesday morning from Pennsylvania to Maine, meteorologists said. Heavy snowfall was also expected in the Appalachian Mountains to Tennessee and North Carolina. By Mary Esch. SUBMITTED: 730 words, photos, video. NEXT: In development. SEXUAL LAWYERS - Former Roman Catholic Cardinal Theodore McCarrick abused a teenager in the 1990s when he was the leader of the Archdiocese of Newark, according to a lawsuit filed under a recently enacted New Jersey law that gives accusers more time to file legal claims. SUBMITTED: 660 words, photos. PREVENTION OF PROBLEMS ON THE POWER LINE: A new technology that California utility companies are testing is aimed at diagnosing problems before they can cause power outages or cause wildfires. The technology invented by researchers at Texas A&M University was designed to provide greater reliability to public service customers, but its greatest attraction could be its use to prevent disasters. By Brian Melley. SUBMITTED: 990 words, photos. FLORIDA TRAIN DEATHS - An Associated Press analysis found that Florida's high-speed Brightline trains have more deaths per mile of people on the tracks than any other railroad in the US. UU. Approximately one person dies each month while passenger trains move through the densely populated South Florida. SUBMITTED: 910 words, photos. SUPERINTENDENT OF THE DISMISSED CHICAGO POLICE - Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot fired police. Eddie Johnson, saying that his decision was based on his ethical flaws. SUBMITTED: 200 words, photo. NEXT: In development. PUERTO RICO SAVING HISTORY: a group of US-based scientists. UU. It is quick to document indigenous sites along the coast of Puerto Rico that go back a couple of thousand years before the rise in sea level linked to climate change destroys a large part of the island's history that they say that is still being discovered SUBMITTED: 640 words, pictures. IMMIGRATION VISA DELAYS: The owners of ballroom dance studios say that immigration repression has made it even more difficult to find qualified instructors. Sent: 1,020 words, photos. MORTAL CONCERT - 40 YEARS - The tragedy four decades ago united the British rock band The Who to a small suburban city in Ohio. In recent years, members of the community and the band have come together through a project to commemorate the three teenagers of Finneytown who were killed in a frantic stampede of people trying to enter the concert of The Who's on 3 December 1979 in Cincinnati. By Dan Sewell SUBMITTED: 940 words, photos, video. With CONCERT DEADLY-40 YEARS-AP I WAS THERE (sent). --------------- DEAL --------------- SURVEILLANCE CAPITALISM CREDIT CARDS: there is a powerful new player who looks at what he buys so he can customize product offers for you: the bank behind your credit or debit card. Banks have long collected data on their spending habits. Now they want to extract more money from it. SUBMITTED: 1,060 words, photos. --------------------- HEALTH SCIENCE --------------------- SCIENTIFIC SPACE STATION - Spacewalk astronauts installed new bombs in a cosmic ray detector outside the International Space Station in an attempt to extend their scientific life. By aerospace writer Marcia Dunn. SUBMITTED: 470 words, photos. ----------- SPORTS ----------- VIKINGS-SEAHAWKS - Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks can move to first place in the NFC West with a victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota needs a victory to keep up in the NFC North, but hasn't beat Seattle since 2009. By Tim Booth. 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