Sakshi and his stories with Raja, the elephant

Sakshi Agarwal has made a calendar session , which was launched recently. However, the interesting thing is that the big boss The Tamil girl has done all the filming with an elephant named Raja.

Giving us the story behind this, Sakshi says, “I wanted to create a unique identity for myself and did this calendar session . The reason I did it with an elephant was because I wanted to celebrate the animal. Elephants are supposed to be one of the most intelligent and emotional animals. We don’t celebrate them enough. This is my attempt at doing something for them.”

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But shooting with an elephant was no easy task, says the actress. “It was stressful at first. Even as a child, I was afraid of elephants, even to receive the blessing of when we visited temples. On the first day of filming, I was afraid to even touch the animal. Finally, I tried to make friends with him. Over time, Raja became friends with everyone on the set, says and qualifies the experience of shooting with Raja as a delight.

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“There is a shot where he sprinkles water on me. It almost felt like receiving his blessing. I already feel that there are good things in my way since that happened, he says, and adds: But getting Raja was a task. He is the most wanted elephant and it was difficult to get his appointments. We had to make 12 different looks in four days, since it also had other sessions.

They filmed the entire series in a forest in Alleppey. “There were no caravans and getting food for the team was a task. But we had a great time, ”says Sakshi.

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