The characters of this supernatural thriller are based on five elements.

Balaji Vairamuthu debut movie Pancharaaksharam It is a supernatural thriller with a philosophical touch. The filmmaker tells us that Rhonda Byrne's best-selling novel, The Secret, was one of his greatest inspirations for making the film.

“It is a supernatural psychological thriller that will make you think about the laws of attraction in a different way. Your thought processes can completely change your life. A positive thought can take you to heights while negative thoughts can drown you. The film is about five eccentric characters who find themselves in the middle of a problem, which makes them question deeper things, ”Balaji says.

The five characters in the movie are based on the five elements of nature: a runner (earth), musician (fire), writer (wind) and a humanitarian (water). The cast of the film includes Gokul Anand, Santhosh Prathap, Ashwin, Madhu Shalini and Sana Althaf, who will play the five identifiable characters, the director tells us.

And what led him to do a metaphysical thriller? It is his fascination with the laws of the philosophy of attraction. “We all respond to every negative thought. The film goes deeper into that and answers how much of a play the universe has when it comes to our lives. Nor have I seen many films about the laws of attraction, which made me want to try this, ”he says, signing.