Bigg Boss 13: Asim Riaz decides to boycott the Sidharth Shukla captaincy; refuses to do housework

In the last episode of big boss 13 Asim tells Vishal and others that if they don't return the luxury budget, they won't do any housework and boycott Sidharth as captain. In the morning, the contestants wake up with the song Love love. Asim and Himanshi blame Vishal for not getting the basic ration. Vishal is going to talk to Paras and the latter says they have a ration. Vishal admits his mistake and Paras makes him understand that they hardly have any ration. Vishal tells Shefali to talk to Sidharth. Sidharth gets mad at Rashami and Shefali because they will have to pay the price for what Vishal and Rashami did.

Mahira and Shehnaz make Asim understand that he needs to do housework, but the latter denies it. Shehnaz tells Asim to do the duties of Bhau since he is not well. Asim refuses to help Bhau and perform duties on his behalf. Shehnaz calls Asim aggressive man. Later, Asim helps Himanshi wash the utensils and Shehnaz informs Bhau that he is doing the job now. Sidharth tells Shefali to clean the dining room table and the two enter the discussion.

Bhau cleans the bedroom and Himanshi is going to help him. Bhau refuses to take his help and tells him to ask Asim to stay away from him. Bhau tells Himanshi that he is hurt because Asim refused to help him despite knowing that he is not well.

Wildcards Madhurima Tuli Shefali Bagga and Arhaan khan enter the secret room and big boss informs them that there will be a task wherein the housemates have to ‘Nazarandaz’ them. The doorbell rings and Arhaan khan goes inside the house. big boss tells the wildcards that if they get maximum reactions from the housemates then they will get a chance to win immunity from the next nominations.

Everyone is surprised to see Arhaan. Arhaan is going to get a reaction from Rashami and starts flirting with her. It even shows you a gift you bought for your 'ring'. After Arhaan's departure, Arti hugs Rashami while getting excited.