Bangalore students tell us if the removal of the amount of likes from Instagram posts is justified or not.

The latest Instagram move to eliminate the amount of likes in a post has generated mixed reactions. This is what the students of the city think of this latest development ...

It is a good move. There were many comparisons that people made based on the likes they got their posts. With that removed, that comparison will be reduced. Even if we don't realize it now, it will have a better impact on mental health. - Tanishtha Arvind, 18, first year of BCom, Baldwin Methodist College

It is a welcome movement for artists like me, who have great content, but less followers compared to the so-called influencers, whose content is sometimes not up to par. This will ensure that good content is always appreciated. - Mohammed, 20, BBA Final Year, Presidency College

The influencers of social networks that show their perfect bodies and lives online, create a hoax among impressionable minds. Having a particular number of likes is a way of seeking the approval of others, which is not correct. Not having this active section will make people, especially young people, live a life free of pressure.

- Tarun Saini, 20 years, BE in Information Sciences, Final Year, CMR Institute of Technology

The only way to know that a person has false followers is by looking at the amount of likes they have. Since many talented people are on Instagram and use it as a platform to show how much their talent is recognized, eliminating the amount of likes can be bad for them.

- Asiya Firdose, 20, 3rd year BBA, St. Claret College

This movement will have a very negative impact, especially for singers like me who put videos online. Not having the Like section could affect the growth of

Popularity of our page and profile. - Surabhi Bharadwaj, 19, 2nd year CSE, CMS- Jain University (considered)

The amount of likes, for many, translates into hope and encouragement. With more likes, the creator tends to work more and upload more content on the pages. The public always encourages good content, so if the amount of likes is removed, then it makes no sense. - Abu Thalif Sage, 20, 3rd year BBA, Indian Academy Degree College