PMO asks the railways to explore new ways to overcome the fund crisis

NEW DELHI: To overcome its funding crisis, the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) has asked to explore new avenues, including the monetization of high-traffic websites such as and rich to generate non-tariff revenues.

This is additional to the address for the carrier to make a progressive increase, which TOI reported on November 27. The PMO management came just weeks after PM Modi presided over a meeting of secretaries in charge of transportation infrastructure.

Railways have also been asked to prepare a plan to take advantage of new business development activities, such as the sector to increase.

The gains of the passenger fare, cargo and other sources have fallen during April-October to Rs 99,223 million rupees compared to the projection of about Rs 1.18 lakh crore, resulting in a deficit of almost Rs 19,412 crore . But, total spending soared at Rs 4,099 million rupees during this period at Rs 1.01 lakh crore, against a target of Rs 97,265 crore.

The PMO has asked the railroads to review income and development impact over the next 20 years and submit a report.

Railroads and highway ministries have been asked to prioritize the completion of projects where smaller sections or the last stage of projects have not yet been completed. The railroads would have to complete around 58 supercritical projects for which it requires spending around Rs 9,000 crore and these can be completed in one year. Similarly, December 2021 was established as the deadline for another 68 critical projects that require around Rs 70,000 rupees of investment.