'Any BJP leader who competes against the official candidate of the party will be expelled'

RANCHI: The BJP said on Monday that any party leader competing against their official candidates or surrendering to an expelled position, per se.

The statement was issued by the president of the state unit of the BJP, Laxman Gilua.

Those who compete against the official candidates of the party or oppose them publicly or engage in antiparty activities, make fun of the party discipline expelled from the party per se, the statement said.

This is the first official statement issued by the party in front of some top party leaders who are thrown into the fray after they were denied tickets to the state's assembly elections.

They include former minister Saryu Roy, who is challenging Jharkhand's prime minister from (East) after he was denied the ticket from his seat, Jamshedpur (West). The two seats will go to the polls in the second phase on December 7.

Another senior leader, Radhakrishna Kishore, joined the AJSU party even when he was the head of the BJP assembly. He played Chhatarpur's seat against the official BJP candidate, Puspa Devi, in the first voting phase on November 30.

Former Minister Baidyanath Ram, former party chief Tala Marandi and MLA member Phool Chand Mandal are the other leaders who have joined different political parties and nominated against official BJP candidates.

The last to launch the electoral fray against the official candidate of the party is BJP spokesman Praveen Prabhakar, who on Sunday announced that he joined the National People's Party of PA Sangma and obtained the party ticket to participate in the constituency of the Nala assembly.