Vladimir Kramnik will be part of the global bombing

CHENNAI Vladimir Kramnik may have withdrawn from the classic Chess earlier this year and immersed himself in mentoring young talents, but the former world champion still took the time to be part of a couple of bombing competitions.

Monday, FIDE - The governing body of the game - announced that Kramnik will be part of the blitz and blitz world championship to be held in Moscow from December 25 to 30. This will be Kramnik's first major competition since he announced his retirement in January this year.

Hikaru Nakamura, the world's number 1 in bombing, welcomed Vladimir's return. With the additional prominence of blitz/rapid these days it really makes no sense to announce 'retirement'. The word is outdated and Vlad should play as fast and bomb as he wants. He is a contender, Nakamura tweeted.

More importantly, is Kramnik planning a return to competitive Chess ? Kramnik made it clear that he had no such plans. "I am going for the blitz tournament only, and that's something I have done already twice this year. Therefore, I can't say that I am coming back to competitive Chess ," Kramnik told TOI.

For Kramnik, playing blitz is all about having fun and not being competitive. "I had clearly mentioned in my retirement statement back then that I was going to participate in blitz events if it fits into my schedule," Kramnik said. In the last week of this month, Kramnik - who is currently based in Switzerland - has a few meetings scheduled in Moscow and the timing of the event was just right. "I was planning to be there for my non- Chess meetings and decided to stay another two days (to be part of this tournament)," Kramnik said.