Rajasthan: Truck driver being held for raping and killing a six-year-old girl in Tonk

JAIPUR: A person who allegedly raped and murdered a six-year-old girl was arrested Monday.

Mahendra, aka Dholu, had taken the girl from her school to an isolated area on the pretext of giving them on Saturday and committed the crime, police said.

The defendant, an acquaintance of the victim, feared that the girl would narrate this to her parents and reveal her identity, therefore she murdered her, SP told reporters in Tonk.

He was drunk when he raped and murdered the girl. After that, he did not go home and hid in different places. He was planning to leave Rajasthan as soon as possible, but was caught in a place in the city of Aligarh, he said.

With about 40 years, the defendant is a truck driver and father of two girls.

He has been arrested and further questioned, he added.

The girl had disappeared after a sports show at her school on Saturday. The show ended at 3 pm and was not seen after that.

Her family members began looking for her and found the body the next morning in an isolated place about 400 meters from the school.

She was strangled to death with her school belt that was tied around her neck.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot He said Sunday night that the defendant will not be saved.

The rape and murder of the child is very condemnable and shameful. Those charged with the heinous crime will not get rid, Gehlot said.

(The identity of the victim to protect their privacy has not been disclosed according to the directives of the Supreme Court on cases related to sexual assault)