While Trump is heading to London for the NATO summit, warnings about British elections

By Steve Holland WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US President Donald Trump goes to a NATO summit in London on Monday, where he is pressured by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resist the temptation to get into the impending British elections . As a presidential candidate in 2016 and then as president since the beginning of 2017, Trump has not shown moderation by pressing for Britain's exit from the European Union and criticizing politicians involved in the country's long debate on Brexit. But with Johnson leading the polls while facing the December 12 elections, the prime minister organizing the NATO summit in London wants Trump to worry about the railings, placing Trump in the unusual position of being asked Avoid your normal urge to comment on what you want. Trump entered the elections in October by saying that the opposition leader of the Labor Party Jeremy Corbyn would be so bad for Britain and that Johnson should agree to a pact with the leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage. Johnson's pressure led the White House to emphasize, as a senior administration official said, that Trump is absolutely aware of not getting back into the elections of another country. That strategy could be tested when Trump confronts journalists several times on the trip, even at a press conference on Wednesday. The NATO summit takes place while Trump fights an effort led by Democrats who control the US House of Representatives. UU. To force his impeachment through political trial over his pressure on Ukraine to investigate Democratic rival Joe Biden. The mess of political judgment has overshadowed Trump's presidency as he looks toward his own reelection fight next November. Trump, who returned to the United States on Friday from a whirlwind trip to Afghanistan, arrives in London on Monday night during two days of meetings with NATO leaders gathered for the summit. He will have separate talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, and will attend a working lunch with representatives from Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Lithuania , Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. World leaders will be received Tuesday at Buckingham Palace by Queen Elizabeth, and will have the press conference on December 4 in Hertfordshire, England. US officials see the NATO summit as a moment of celebration for Trump, as his pressure on member countries has led many to increase their military spending. He is expected to seek the support of member countries to increase pressure on China for what the United States sees as Beijing's expansionist policies. China is actively seeking a large presence and more influence around the world, including in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNATO's responsibility, said a senior administration official. (Reporting By Steve Holland ; Editing by Nick Zieminski) This story has not been edited by The Times of India and is automatically generated from a syndicated feed to which we subscribe. (This story has not been edited by timesofindia.com and is automatically generated from a syndicated feed to which we subscribe.)