Update of the first episode of Beyhadh 2, December 2: Maya is more lethal this time

In the first episode of Beyhadh 2 , a car is driven to a pond and we see Maya ( Jennifer Winget ) coming out of her. She sings a Sanskrit mantra about how a body has to let go of the soul if it is full of sins.

It plunges into the pond and emerges covered in mud.

In other places, Mrityunjay Roy is shown ( Ashish Chowdhury ) making a bid while saying goodbye to Maa Durga.

They introduce us to his wife and son Rishi.

Mrityunjay is very much in love with his young son Rishi and is always worried about him.

While seeking Durga maa's immersion, Rishi falls into the sea and it is shown that Maya saves his life.

Mrityunjay cares about his son and thanks the lady who saved his son's life. But before Mrityunjay can meet her, she is gone.

In the next shot, we are introduced to Rudra Roy ( Shivin narang ) who is injured by Maya Jaisingh while playing Fencing. He asks her why he hurt him, but before that she disappears.

The approach then changes to Roy's house and it shows that Rudra is not talking to his father.

Rishi tries to pacify his brother and also asks him to come to his parents' wedding anniversary party.

It is shown that Maya has a cake with the photos of Rishi and Rudra. She cuts it mercilessly wow to destroy them.

There is a picture of Maya with a man she loved most, but her face is hidden.

Maya decides to take revenge and pronounces the famous dialogue 'tumne mere pyar dekha hai ab dekhoge Meri beyhadh nafrat'. Maya is seen in all black attire in these episodes and looks more lethal this time.