Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Update, December 2: Abir is surprised to see Mishti with Nannu

In the last episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke , Kuhu He says Kunal to not attend the party and leave. Still, he comes to attend the party and Kuhu gets shocked. Kunal gets a gift for Rajshri and vishambher. He gives another gift to the couple and they ask him who gave this. Kunal He says them that he saw this gift near the mailbox and brought it inside. Rajshri He says Kunal to thank the person ( Open ) who sent the gift.

Open remembers Mishti and notes that someone took away his khichdi.

Meenakshi shows pictures of girls to Kaushal for Open 's wedding. Nanaji He says Meenakshi that Open will never get married to anyone. But Meenakshi He says Nanaji that her son Open will marry the girl of her choice at any cost. Parul overhears the conversation and says that if Open does not agree then they will threaten him to get married.

Next morning, Rajshri goes to meet Mishti and tries to understand if she has moved on in life. Mishti makes Rajshri understand that she is happy in her life.

She by mistakenly texts Open instead of Nannu and deletes it immediately. Kunal He says Open to meet a person (Nannu) and organise a meeting. On the other hand, Nannu (Vatsal Seth) gets ready for the meeting and talks to his staff. Nannu is about to fall in the swimming pool and Open holds his hand. Open and Nannu discuss their meeting. Nannu decides to launch Open 's app but He says him to meet his girlfriend. Open gets to know that Nannu is in love with Mishti and asks him more about her. Mishti comes to meet Nannu and hugs him. Open gets shocked to see Mishti with Nannu and gets disheartened.