Kahaan Hum Update Kahaan Tum, December 2: Rohit discovers the truth about who leaked the news of Pooja's adoption

The last episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum starts with Rohit asking YK to stay with Pooja for the entire day and not let her read the newspaper. YK asks Rohit what has happened and why is he talking like this. Rohit tells him that Pooja’s adoption news is in today’s newspaper.

Naren reprimands Sonaskhi for leaking Pooja’s adoption news. Sonakshi says that she didn’t give any such statement. Rohan questions her and says how could media publish it if she didn’t tell them anything. Sonakshi asks everyone to trust her and says that why will she do any such thing.

Naren asks Sonakshi to not give any explanations and says she is an actress and can do anything for publicity. Sonakshi sees Rohit and asks him to trust her. Rohit asks Sonakshi from requesting everyone and holds her hand. He tells everyone that Sona is his wife and he will trust her.

Naren asks Rohit that if he gets proof that Sonakshi is behind all of this will he still trust her even then. Rohit asks him what proof he is talking about. Naren asks him to call the journalist to find out the truth. Sonakshi also asks Rohit to call Tapasya and says that there is nothing wrong with knowing the truth.

Sonakshi calls Tapasya to clear everyone’s doubts. Tapasya questions Sonakshi asking why would she publish false news. Sonakshi says she remembers what she said about Pooja. Tapasya rebukes Sonakshi for accusing her.

Sonakshi requests Veena to let her take care of Pooja. Naren and Rohan don’t agree with this and say that Tanya will take care of Pooja. The same moment YK enters and says that Pooja will be safe with Sonakshi.

When Naren again tries to accuse Sonakshi, YK stops him saying that he knows Sonakshi would never do anything wrong with Pooja.

On the other hand, Rohit makes a promise to himself and says that he will clear Sonakshi’s name. He goes to Tapasya’s office with a box of sweets and apologises to her for Sona’s behavior.

Tapasya after eating the sweet starts to feel a bit strange. Rohit says that his plan is working. Rohit tells Tapasya that he has spiked the sweet with a drug that can give her a cardiac arrest. He asks her to tell the truth. Tapasya to save her life, tells Rohit that Pari told her about Pooja’s adoption.