Update from Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka, December 2: Roshini has a plan to deal with the blackmailer

The last episode of Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka starts with Dadi narration Roshini that she really is an angel and that is why she saved Chotu without worrying about her own life.

Dadi says that she doesn’t understand how the illusionary well entered the house despite drawing the circle. Roshini tells Dadi that she crossed the circle and it broke. Dadi tells her that Ash Jinn wants to get rid of her so that she can get to A man before the arrival of red moon. A man defends Roshini and says that he got into an argument and sent her out of the circle.

As Dadi leaves, A man asks Roshini the reason behind meeting Sameer at midnight. Roshini lies to A man and says that Sameer was blackmailing her to meet him. A man doesn’t believe her. He questions her if she has any idea of the consequences if someone noticed her with Sameer. He then tells her that she can fill in the amount she wants in the blank cheque he has given but only after a month.

Roshini gets worried thinking about the blackmailer. She thinks of ways to give him Rs 5 crore. Suddenly, she thinks of the blank cheque given by A man .

At night, Sana comes to Roshini’s room and wakes her up. She takes her to Saima’s room to show that she ( Saima ) tried to commit suicide.

Using the traditional method, Roshini brings Saima back to consciousness. Saima asks Roshini about the 5 crore rupees to be arranged. Roshini asks her to not worry and adds that she has arranged for the money.

At night, Roshini keeps the check of Rs. 5 crore in the letterbox. She along with Saima and Sana wait for the blackmailer to come and take the check. After the blackmailer leaves taking the check, Roshini takes the phone and deletes the video of Saima.