Reyhnaa Pandit will dance belly dance in season 2 of Manmohini

After playing the lead role for most of the first season, Reyhnaa Pandit is back to Manmohini season 2 . While most of the cast is quite new, Reyhnaa has been retained, but for a new part. She is playing Sandhya passive and misleading, who wants to regain her evil powers.

However, she is completely different in real life. The happy-go-lucky and bubbly Reyhnaa Pandit loves to try new things and we hear that she has taken up Belly Dancing Recently.

Reyhnaa Pandit confirmed the same and revealed, "I absolutely love dancing and I want to learn different dance forms. In fact, I have even joined a Belly Dancing class in Andheri (Mumbai) recently and have completed a few sessions already. The shooting schedule obviously doesn't allow me to completely focus on it, but whenever I get a chance, I try and attend the class. I want to be a pro at Belly Dancing because the dance form uses one’s tummy and midriff which I find extremely sexy. Personally, I feel every woman should know how to use their body and I feel Belly Dancing gives that strength to a woman's body. That was one of the main reasons for me to learn the dance form."

Reyhnaa agregó: Quiero preparar una presentación completa de Belly Dancing en el nuevo Manmohini song title and I will record a video very soon.