I had a PM offer to work together, but I refused: Sharad Pawar

MUMBAI: head of NCP Sharad pawar on Monday he said the prime minister Narendra Modi He had offered him an offer to work together, which he refused.

Pawar's statement came in the context of the Shiv Sena he dismissed his ally BJP for rejecting his demand for chief rotational ministry and joining forces with the PCN and Congress to form a government in Maharashtra.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had insisted on working together with me, as on some issues we have similar opinions. But I refused his offer, Pawar told a regional news channel.

Modi told me that my political experience would be useful for him to lead the government. We both share similar opinions on some national issues, therefore, he made the offer, Pawar said.

The head of the PCN also said that he had assured the prime minister that his party would not oppose each and every one of the policies of the Center in the interest of the opposition.

Despite sitting in opposite ranks in Parliament, I will not object to the opposition. My cooperation will be there when necessary, Pawar said having told Modi.

Amid political uncertainty in Maharashtra, Pawar had met Modi in Delhi, apparently to discuss farmers' problems, on November 20.

Days after Pawar met Modi, the nephew of the NCP chief, Ajit Pawar, broke ranks with the party and joined the BJP in Maharashtra claiming he had support from the MLA.

In a development of silence, Devendra took an oath as prime minister on November 23 in the morning and Ajit Pawar as CM deputy.

However, the BJP-Ajit Pawar government collapsed on November 26, after Ajit resigned as a CM deputy citing personal reasons.