Pawan Kalyan asks Jagan why he clings to his caste despite changing religion.

TIRUPATI: The war of words between Andhra Pradesh The prime minister and opposition parties in the religious lines intensified even more after the actor turned politician questioned CM YS Jagan why he still clung to his caste despite changing his religion.

After the opposition's attack on their religion after the name of Jesus Christ appeared on one of the Google search links to the official website of Tirumala Devasthanam, Prime Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy tried to silence his political opponents by stating that the Humanity was their religion and kept the promises. The launch of the YSR post-operative livelihood scheme in Guntur on Monday.

When addressing the party workers in Tirupati on Monday, the head of Jana Sena said: I have to react to the comments of the Prime Minister because the media told me that the CM claimed that humanity was their religion and that their caste kept the promises made. But so far as I know if someone changes their religion of Hinduism for Christianity, then it cannot be a question of identifying the person by his caste because the caste has no place in Christianity.

"Reddy, Kamma, Kapu-Balija, Yadava etc are all castes part of Hinduism . Only those who repose faith in Hinduism follow the caste culture. And the moment one changes his religion to Christianity, he loses his caste too. But some people change their religion but hold on to their castes in our country only to derive political mileage," he said.

By further increasing the bet against the prime minister, the head of Jana Sena felt It is strange that Jagan affirms that humanity is his religion. A true Christian will not harm even a tree. But Jagan, who lacks tolerance, has set fire to the plantations that belong to Jana sainiks. The YSRC government that is painting the entire state reflecting the colors of its party has only saved Tirumala from its scope.

After looking at his comments, I have a question for Jagan: why do you need to stay in your caste after changing your religion? Isn't it because keeping your caste will ensure abundant votes and funds? While society and the people of the state have changed and are more secular today, some leaders are still trying to earn political miles by generating a division between people on religious lines, which is really unfortunate, he added.