Gaana plans 3,000 podcasts in 4 months, expects 10 cr of broadcast per month

New Delhi, December 2 () The Gaana music streaming platform said Monday that it expects 10 podcast broadcasts per month in March on its platform, as it plans to build a portfolio of 3,000 shows in four months, a senior official said. the company.

Gaana has cornered celebrity Ranvijay Singh, Bollywood actress Sunny Leone, comedian Zakir Khan and paranormal investigator Jay Alani for developing the programs, Gaana CEO Prashan Agarwal said.

The existing numbers (of podcast listeners) are very low. Our idea is to increase consumption from approximately 1 to 1.5 percent and then build from there, he said.

Just to give you a perspective, we currently do about 3.2 billion transmissions. In podcasts, we are looking to reach about 100 million broadcasts. That could be about 10 podcast reproductions per month in March, he added. .

The Times Internet Group expects to double the number of monthly active users on its platform to 20 million rupees in the next two years, which represents about 50 percent of the market in general.

Gaana has begun to expand non-musical content to improve user participation in its platform and attract new users.

The company began focusing on podcasts after gaining traction in three genres: comedy, storytelling and retro Hindi songs.

We have released around 2,000 podcasts or shows. There are the main shows: 'Life Ki Ranneeti' with Ranvijay Singh, Confessions with Sunny Leone, a show with the greatest comedian in India, Zakir Khan, and a show about horror and paranormal activities with Jay Alani, said Agarwal.

He said the company will focus broadly on the three genres and on the construction of some 20 original programs with 3,000 podcasts under Gaana Originals over the next 4 months.

One of the biggest tractions we see will be comedy, followed by shows aimed at children like Tenali Rama, Katha, Panchatantra and deep things that show the type of Devdutt Patnaik, he said. Podcasts will remain free for listeners and the company will monetize them through a compatible advertising model, he added. PRS RVK