JD (S) sends mixed signals, Congress is ready to join after polls

BENGALURU: Congress on Monday said it was not contrary to the possibility of rejoining the JD (S) to form a government in Karnataka in case the ruling BJP is not a majority after the December 5 elections, including when there were mixed signals from the regional party about a post-election agreement.

Congress and JD (S), who led a coalition government for 14 months in the state and disputed the Lok sabha The alliance polls separated after the collapse of the H D Kumaraswamy ministry in July after the 17 MLA rebellion, and they are challenging the independent polls.

Prime Minister B S Yediyurappa said his party will win all 15 segments of the assembly.

The ruling BJP led by Prime Minister B S Yediyurappa needs to win at least six seats in the elections to 15 electoral districts to remain in the majority in the 224-member assembly, which would still have two vacant seats: Maski and R R Nagar.

Definitely, the options are open ... you can see the way in which the formation of the government has taken place, said the general secretary of the AICC, in charge of Karnataka K C Venugopal in Belagavi.

Alleging that there is a fascist government in the country and that democracy has no value, he said, to protect democracy there is a broader aspect with which the National Congress of India is analyzing things, therefore, everything is open now .

Another important leader of Congress and former prime minister said that, as BJP is the common enemy for both Congress and JD (S), the union of both parties was inevitable.

Until the general elections arrive, there must be a government in the state and someone will have to take responsibility in the interest of the state, since we cannot afford another choice. Therefore, there must be a coalition government.

As BJP is our goal, the enemy enemy is a friend. So, such an alliance is inevitable, he told reporters at.

Sounding optimistic after forming a coalition government in neighboring Maharashtra, two other top Congress leaders Mallikarjun Kharge and G. Parameshwara had recently said that there was a possibility that the two parties would unite.

However, JD (S) Patriarch, HD Deve Gowda, said Monday that he will work to strengthen his party by keeping both BJP and Congress away, days after hinting at a possible post-pop alliance in Karnataka with the party led by Sonia Gandhi.

I have had experience (of running a government) with both.

With BJP I have had the experience of running a government because of my son (Kumaraswamy), and with my approval we also had (a government) with Congress, Gowda said.

Speaking to journalists in Belagavi, he said: Keeping them both at a distance, saying 'namasakara' to both of them, I will work beyond my limits to strengthen my party.

This was contrary to her recent statement that the decision of the president of Congress, Sonia Gandhi, after the polls should be monitored, leading to speculation about the possible union of the two parties once again, if the situation arose.

Kumaraswamy had also said that there would be a stable government in the state after the polls, but not necessarily that of BJP, as he asked the mediators to wait for the results of the polls to be declared to 15 electoral districts of the assembly on 9 from December.

Kumaraswamy also said on Monday that JD (S) will make a decision in the interest of the people of the state after the auction results.

Speaking to reporters, he said it is too early to discuss it. Let's see how the numbers will be maintained after the results.

However, Kumaraswamys reportedly met with the main leader of Congress, D K Shivakumar, in Hubballi, which led to speculation about the possible link, despite the mixed signals of Gowdas.

Meanwhile, Yediyurappa said BJP will win all 15 seats and there will be a stable government for three and a half years in the state, without the support of any other party.

Affirming that BJP is preparing to win 150 seats in the next elections to the assembly with its performance in the current government, he said in Athani: Congress is excited about the political revolution after December 9 (survey results).

It will remain an illusion and your dream will not come true.

Gowda had previously said that he wanted the BJP government to complete his term, as it would give him time to build the regional party.

The JD (S) had also led a coalition government with BJP in 2006 and under a rotating agreement of chief ministers, Kumaraswamy had run the state for 20 months, before collapsing.

Among the 15 segments that went to the polls, 12 were in the hands of Congress and three of JD (S), whose coalition government collapsed due to the rebellion of the disqualified MLAs.

Given that the winning majority of seats is crucial for the survival of the government, the BJP has presented 13 of the 16 disqualified legislators who joined the party as candidates of their respective constituencies.

Since Tuesday is the last date for campaigning, political leaders in the state have intensified election campaigns in various constituencies.