GDP has no relevance, it should not be treated as Bible, Ramayan and Mahabharat: MP BJP

NEW DELHI: Amid the opposition's attack on the state of the country's economy, MP BJP Nishikant Dubey said in the Lok sabha on monday that Gross domestic product (GDP) has no relevance and should not be treated as' Bible , Ramayan and Mahabharat '.

By participating in the discussion about and a legal resolution that disapproves the ordinance on the same legislation, Dubey said: Sustainable economic development is more important than GDP.

Before Dubey, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, Leader of the Congress in Lok sabha , attacked the government over the falling GDP numbers.

The debate in the Lower House loomed around the decline in GDP to a minimum of more than six years of 4.5% in the quarter from July to September.

Seeking to return the fire, Dubey said that GDP did not exist before 1934.

"(Economist Simon) Kuznet said it is not the ultimate truth to believe GDP as Bible , Ramayan and Mahabharat and GDP will be not be of any great use in future," Dubey said, inviting ridicule from the opposition benches.

Who talks about GDP is wrong. GDP has no relevance for this country, Dubey said.

He said the important thing is the last person in the queue and if the government can contact him.