Expats in Pune celebrate Thanksgiving with festive cheers

We are in the middle of the Thanksgiving week and celebrations have started early for the expats living in the city. Keeping alive the same fervour and fiesta of the holiday like their home country, expats from the United States, Italy, England, Mexico, Germany and other nationalities came together in celebration on a chilly Sunday afternoon. For them, Thanksgiving brings with it a bouquet of memory layered with good food and music, which was in the offering at the Thanksgiving brunch organised by the Pune Expatriate Club…


No turkey, no worries, curry is king!

Scrolling through social media feeds if you come across turkey pictures and memes from TV shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you know Thanksgiving has arrived. But at this brunch, expats didn’t mind the absence of a turkey as they had a delicious spread of European, Continental, Asian and Indian food on the platter.



“Indian curries are the king always and we are enjoying them for Thanksgiving ,” said Liz with a broad smile. The mother of two who hails from the United States where her family celebrates the tradition every year with turkey and holiday cheer said, “ Thanksgiving is about family, friends and expressing gratitude for everything that we have in life today. We may not have a turkey on the platter but all of us are spending time together and eating amazing Indian food. What more can we ask? This is a new kind of Thanksgiving tradition for us. I have sent pictures and videos to my family back in the US and they can’t wait to try the curries out. More than traditions, I feel, people must enjoy one another’s company.”


Find a family away from home



Most of the expats are from Europe, Africa and parts of Latin America where Thanksgiving is not celebrated as big as in the US. Such events are an excuse for the expats to be a part of a big family away from home. Monica who hails from Italy tells us, “In Italy, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving the way Americans do. I first came across the tradition when we were in the US. Now I live in India and here I get to meet people from all nationalities, some know about Thanksgiving tradition and some don’t. Some have family and the rest are living alone here, but having a brunch together means that everyone is part of a big family. And that’s what we are aiming for, to bring everyone together, build a bigger table and eat together and express our gratitude.”