India Inc neither anti-national nor anti-government: Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

New Delhi, December 2 () Biocon president and chief administrative officer, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, said Monday that India Inc is not anti-national or anti-government, and that it continues to support veteran industrialist Rahul Bajaj, who said India Inc was afraid to criticize the Government from Narendra Modi.

Shaw, who had previously said that the government treated India Inc as outcasts and does not want to hear any criticism of the economy, was responding to statements by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharman that spreading the impression itself can damage the national interest in relationship with The statement made by Bajaj on Saturday.

Madam, we are neither anti-national nor anti-government. We want it to succeed in a big way as the fastest growing economy reaches the top of the world league of economies. I am a proud apolitical national and I just want the government to promote good policies, including at the state level, Shaw tweeted.

She was responding to a Sitharaman tweet that shared a video of The Economic Times ET Awards event in Mumbai on Saturday where Bajaj, president of the Bajaj Group, had told Sitharaman, Interior Minister Amit Shah, and the Minister of Railroads, Piyush Goyal, on the stage that people were afraid to criticize the policies of the BJP government and added that no one in the business community would talk about this issue.

In the tweet, Sitharaman said: Interior Minister @AmitShah responds on how the issues raised by Shri were addressed. Rahul Bajaj. Questions/criticisms are heard and answered/addressed. It is always a better way to look for an answer than to spread one's own impressions that, by gaining traction, can damage the national interest. Supporting Bajaj, Shaw had previously said: I hope the government will contact India Inc to find solutions to revive consumption and growth. So far we are all outcasts and the government does not want to hear any criticism of our economy. RKL MKJ