Sembaruthi Update, November 30: Parvathy stuns Akhilandeswari at the first board meeting

In the last episodes of Sembaruthi a hungry Vadivelu He enters the kitchen in search of food. The misunderstanding Miter as a cook and orders him to prepare food for him and ends up in a fight.

Later, Parvathy addresses Vadivelu as brother and makes tasty food for him. Vadivelu becomes emotional on savouring the delicious food served with love by Parvathy.

Adithya explains Parvathy her responsibility as a Goodwill Ambassador. He prepares her for the post. Later, Adithya gifts a new saree to give her a new look for the first board meeting.As Parvathy enters the house with a new saree, Sundaram ask about it. Parvathy replies to Sundaram that the saree was gifted by Adithya.n Sundaram expresses his reservations regarding Parvathy taking up the new post. Parvathy says, she is doing everything for Akhilandeswari .n Akhilandeswari and Purushothaman discuss about Adithya's wish to reveal a secret on his birthday.nOn the day of taking up the responsibility as a Goodwill Ambassador, Parvathy stuns everyone with her new looks. Parvathy takes Akhilandeswari’s blessings.nWith the help of Adithya, Parvathy stuns everyone with her speech.n Sundaram is in pleasant shock on seeing the massive change in Parvathy.