Acting or pretending to impress viewers will not work: Aditi Rai's advice for contestants of the second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam

Kannada actress Aditi Rai , popularly known as Aditi Kuttus, is a familiar face; thanks to its entertaining season in the debut season of great boss Malayalam .

Speak exclusively with long before the launch of big boss Malayalam season 2, the young actress recollected her big boss journey and shared an advice for the contestants of the upcoming season.

Aditi Rai feels thankful to the show for helping her get close to the masses. The contestant, who was nominated for the first round of eviction on the show, victoriously became the last one to get eliminated before the finale.

" big boss will always be that one special thing in my life. The welcome and acceptance I got from the state is unbelievable. I am still enjoying the love and care showered by the fans. I can't thank the show enough," Aditi says.

Aditi mentioned her birthday celebrations as the most unforgettable moment inside the house. The actress shared that she was lucky to celebrate a birthday when everyone was watching her. Aditi also referred to the entry of Mohanlal and Kamal Haasan in the house when his dream comes true.

When asked about his expectations for next season, Aditi said the game will be more difficult this time. She also has an interesting desire.

"I would like to see a commoner in the house this time. More than a celebrity who is already popular, I think the show can be a huge platform for a common man to gain fame and recognition," she adds.

When asked about their advice for the next contestants, this is what Aditi has to say.

"Be yourself and straight forward. That’s my advice for the contestants. You may think that you can act or fake to impress viewers which would never happen. Be always aware that you should come out and face the society after the show," the actress concludes.