The IIT-Gandhinagar staff takes an adventure trip

The Adventure Frenzy Club of IIT Gandhinagar Staff Development Cell (SDC) organized an adventure and hiking camp for staff in Bakore, Panchmahals, on November 16, 2019. A total of 22 staff members participated in the guided adventure route in Bakore camp in Sundarvan, Ahmedabad.

Participants started early in the morning and enjoyed a 3-hour hike in the Bakore forest and arrived at the archaeological site of Kaleshwari at noon. During the walk, Mr. Rajendrasinh Jadeja de Sundarvan provided valuable information on the flora and fauna of the forest, as well as the archaeological sites in Bakor. Participants visited the Vavkuva waterfall in the afternoon and then headed to the Kadana dam, known for its picturesque sunset point. The adventurous day ended with a campfire at the Bakor camp. The nature trail proved to be a good opportunity for staff members to rejuvenate and bond with their colleagues.

SDC works for teamwork, building trust and general development of IITGN staff through multifaceted approaches. He constantly strives to update and improve various professional skills and knowledge of staff members, as well as proactively work to establish a positive, stress-free and creative work environment.