Telecommunications companies earn gross income of Rs 54,218 million in July-September

New Delhi, December 2 () Telecommunications companies earned gross income of Rs 54,218 million in the September quarter of 2019 with Bharti Airtel earning more than 35 percent stake, according to Trai data.

Jio's dependence on the lowest gross revenues of Rs 15,945.62 crore among private operators paid the highest revenues to the government, the data showed.

While Airtel recorded a gross income of Rs 19,061 million rupees, it paid Rs 1,160.63 million rupees, including Rs 851.3 million rupees as a license fee and Rs 309.33 rupees of spectrum use (SUC) to the government.

Vodafone Idea reported total earnings of Rs 15,988.46 crore and paid Rs 1,036 crore to the government. The amount included Rs 740.88 million rupees as a license fee and Rs 295.12 million rupees as SUC, according to data published by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) on November 22.

The government collects 8 percent as a license fee and SUC in the range of 3-5 percent of the AGR based on the company's spectrum holding.

Reliance Jio with the lowest gross income among private players paid the highest income of Rs 1,372.72 crore to the Department of Telecommunications, since the company's adjusted gross income (AGR) was 73.37 percent of Gross revenue to Rs 11,699.13 rupees.

Airtel's AGR was 55.83 percent of gross revenue to Rs 10,641.33 million and Vodafone Idea's AGR was 60.2 percent to Rs 9,624.86.

Vodafone Idea with the largest spectrum of 1,849.6 MHz paid the lowest SUC of Rs 295.12 million rupees among private players.

Airtel with a spectrum holding of 1,588.9 MHz paid SUC of Rs 309.33 million rupees and Jio, with 1,175 Mhz of spectrum holding, paid the highest SUC of Rs 436.75 rupees. State BSNL recorded gross income of Rs 3,222.91 crore. He calculated the AGR as 55.37 percent of gross revenues and paid Rs 207.96 million rupees (Rs 142.74 rupees as a license fee and Rs 65.22 rupees as SUC) to the government. PRS ANU