Parliament panel seeks suggestions on photography bill

NEW DELHI: Parliament's position on information technology has asked the public for suggestions on the film bill (amendment) under its consideration.

The committee has sought suggestions from the public, experts and all interested parties.

The government in February presented the invoice to amend the Cinematography Law and impose strict sanctions to combat the threat of film piracy.

the Lok Sabha The president had asked Parliament's standing committee on information technology in October to prepare a report on possible amendments within two months.

the Bill seeks to amend provisions of the Cinematograph Act, 1952, in order to tackle film piracy by including penal provisions for unauthorised camcording and duplication of films.

To check piracy, particularly the release of pirated versions of films on the internet which causes huge losses to the film industry and the exchequer, the invoice proposes to make film piracy-related offences punishable with imprisonment of up to three years and fines that may extend to Rs 10 lakh or both.