Venkaiah Naidu urges people to study and analyze the draft of the New Education Policy

VISHAKHAPATNAM (AP): Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu On Sunday, he called on people to study, analyze and debate the draft of the New Education Policy and not come to hasty conclusions.

Noting that the central issues of education were very important and deserved the attention of all concerned, he said that by reducing the load of school backpacks, promoting sports, instilling morals, scientific and rational temperament, history, among others , should be part of the curriculum.

His comments come in the context of a controversy over the recommendation of a human resource development ministry panel to teach Hindi in states that do not speak Hindi.

The draft of the new one, proposed by the panel constituted by Prakash Javadekar when he was a DHR minister in the previous government of Modi, had suggested the teaching of Hindi in states that do not speak Hindi.

The DMK and other parties have strongly opposed the continuation of the three-language formula with the complementary features proposed in the draft National Education Policy, claiming that it was equivalent to pushing Hindi and wanted it to be scrapped.

Opening a two-day conference on 'Interaction of the Academy of Industry for the Improvement of Academic Quality' organized by the Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy (IIEP), Naidu asked to establish a symbiotic relationship between academia and industry to create an innovation ecosystem for Prospere and generate employment for young people.

To achieve this, he wanted the industry to play a more proactive role and establish a strong organic link with academic institutions.

The vice president asked the industry and the academic world to consider long-term collaborations rather than coming together for limited purposes and unique projects to promote the culture of research in important ways at our universities and other important academic institutions.

Naidu suggested that corporate entities identify specific areas of interest and finance doctoral and postdoctoral research related to them.

He also urged them to establish a special corpus or fund to finance research projects that lead to innovations that benefit society and the country's economy.

Noting that many students who passed through the portals of higher education institutions lacked job skills, Naidu said that organizations that hired young graduates were forced to provide more on-the-job training from six months to one year.

In calling for a renewal of the education system, the vice president said that students should not only be employees, but should also possess life skills, language skills, technological skills and entrepreneurial skills to enable them to have gainful employment or to work on their own. .

Expressing concern about cases of atrocities against women and gender discrimination, she said that the education system should produce socially responsible citizens and called for a change in mentality.

Programs like 'Beti Bachao, Beti Padao' and Swachh Bharat should become popular movements, he added.

Noting that India was once known as 'Vishwaguru', Naidu said that the country must once again become the world center of knowledge and innovation.